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Calling all prospective field guides, trails guides and nature enthusiasts...

Are you wanting to pursue a career as a field guide or are you simply keen to learn more about the amazing natural world in which we live? From our camp in the heart of Zululand - Intibane, Thanda Safari - we offer courses that provide field guides and nature enthusiasts alike the opportunity to improve their knowledge whilst immersing themselves in the magic of the African bushveld...

To find out more about our courses, click on the menu links below or contact us directly - we welcome nature enthusiasts from all walks of life, whatever your goals! 

FGASA 1Field Guide Course - the entry level nature guiding qualification 
 Trails Guide Trails Guide Course - for nature guides that want to lead walks in dangerous game areas
Correspondence CourseDistance Learning - learn just for the fun of it, get a qualification or supplement your knowledge from a distance
TrackingTrack and Sign Course - learn just for the fun of it or fine-tune your guiding skills