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With the presence of both cat- and dog-like characteristics Cheetah -Acinonyx jubatus -  tracks are unique and, once you know what to look for, quite easy to identify!

Photograph taken at Thanda Safari by student Michael Flebbe

Next available Track & Sign Course: 30 September - 03 October 2017

As featured in the August 2017 edition of Getaway Magazine

Take your ultimate nature experience to a whole new level with ANT's tracking course! Learn the language of the bush in prime African bushveld, teeming with all things wild and wonderful. This course will enable you to interpret the signs that nature has left behind. You wil be able to identify the spoor of mammals, reptiles, arthropods and amphibians, as well as their behavioural signs! Learn the 'tricks of the trade' in order to follow and find animals. Expect to look at the bush with brand new eyes and open up a whole new world of nature...through tracking!

The course has been designed for guides and nature enthusaists alike and will add to all your future walking experiences in the bush. You will spend three full days sharpening your observation skills and learning to identify spoor and dung and a variety of other animal signs as well as interpreting what action took place according to those signs. On the final morning, we take you through an assessment which will challenge you in a fun kind of way! This course gives excellent preparation for people wanting to later achieve the CyberTracker qualifications.

Since the course falls over a weekend, anyone can attend, no matter what your occupation!

 Spoor Buffalo Tracks Python track 
 Reading the bush newspaper Buffalo

 Black rhino, Lion, Blue Wildebeest,

Nyala and Warthog tracks

 Can you spot them all?

 Examining African Rock Python spoor 


"I attended the track and sign course this weekend and wanted to really commend the team that ran the assessment. Gary, the ANT representative, was extremely knowledgeable and was a great ambassador for your establishment and Jaco Buys expressed a love for tracking that was infectious. I would recommend your services to anyone and everyone." Dr Craig Widdows (PhD Ecology)


"...I just want to thank you for an awesome weekend!  Jaco and Gary were brilliant and we learned a lot and had great fun!  All the facilities were very good and the food very nice!   Thank you for an awesome experience!" Salomien Snyman (Chartered Accountant)

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